Same-day stringing, but you must call ahead!

Tucson City Championships - Match Point Winners !

Walt And Amanda each won their events, the 75's

and the 3.5 Singles, respectively.   Yea for us!

The Wilson "S" models are in with the new unique stringing pattern (16 x 15!). and Blade 98 S plus 6-1 95 S, as well.

Prince sticks are in with spin technology and the Graphites are back in 100 and 107 sq. in models.

Additionally the Head Line Graphenes are available! 

2742 N. Campbell Ave.    (SE corner of Glenn and Campbell)  

Hours:  Tuesday - Friday 10 to 6, Saturday 10-5 PM

Closed Sundays AND Mondays.  

Contact:  520-881-1515    Fax 520-881-8282

A tennis store for the game you love.   

    Match Point Tennis Shop is located in midtown Tucson. We are centrally located close to the University of Arizona, and the largest private and largest public tennis facilities in southern Arizona.
 The shop serves tennis players from the novice to the pro and carries a large inventory of tennis equipment, shoes, apparel and accessories from most major tennis suppliers. We have two Gamma electronic stringing machines and carry a wide variety of string. Our customers rely on us in choosing the right string and tension combination to optimize the power and control of their racquets