NEWS!!! Closing the shop on NOV. 30th! Hurry in..SALES! And, remember, our top-of-the-line racquets are priced identical to intenet web-sites, including tax, but...we include stringing! Why buy out-of-state, when you can have local personal service? Also a ball machine is available!. Please call ahead.

Pure Drive is out and Wilson Ultras.

New Yonex racquets are available for DEMO.


The new Wilson Spin technology  Burn 100S and the new Ultra 110S and 110S. and 125.

Racquets can be classified as control racquets (sometimes called a player's racquet), power racquets, or racquets with a blend of control and power. Control racquets are usually heavier, have a flexible frame, and are usually head light. Power racquets may be head heavy, oversized, and are normally lighter than control racquets. The racquets with a blend of power and control are balanced and are less flexible then a control racquet but more flexible than a power racquet.

A sample of our bags and racquets.